Time off excel templates

Excel has many features but none of them were created specifically to manage employee time off requests. Factorial is software carefully hand-crafted for managing employee’s time off and absences by a solid development, product and support team behind. Excel templates are limited and obsolete.

Time off software for companies

Factorial aims to give a complete tool to small and medium-sized companies that previously was only available to large multinationals. Using the time off manager you will concentrate all the requests in one place. The system will update the team calendar when a new time off request has been approved by the person in charge of the company or an employee is out of the office.

Optimize your time while managing absences

A time off management software can save you lot of time each month. While an excel template does not automatically update the data in the calendar or allow you to communicate with the employee, the software does it all for you. Using Factorial you will only have to accept or reject the employee's request and we will do everything else. Save time and respond to requests comfortably from your email.

Not only time off requests, every absence counts

Manage all absences, sick leaves, personal days or holidays at once without using different excel templates or downloading any file. Factorial recognizes each type of time off request and adds it to the employee’s calendar and to the company’s. The total amount of available days of each employee will be automatically updated after each request.