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Discover our time & attendance feature designed to make your job even easier so that you can keep focusing on what really matters.

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Custom-tailored Time & Attendance Software

Set the work schedule for your employees and compare their actual working hours vs expected.

  • Know which employees have fulfilled their working shifts.
  • View employees’ time off and see who is working remotely for better shift management.
  • Select a different time tracking system for each employee.
  • Add notes to a shift on your employees’ timesheet. 

Time tracking software that increases productivity

Track your employees' working hours daily, and approve or reject their timesheets, to better manage employee productivity.

  • Review timesheets and individual shifts daily.
  • Monitor and pay extra hours easily.
time tracking productivity software
absenteeism time attendance tracking

Reduce Absenteeism

Monitor employee attendance; know when and where employees are working and track if they have missed hours.

  • Receive a notification every time employees clock in/out from another location outside the office.

  • Allow your employees to clock in/out from an access app at the entrance of your office.

Clock in/out from your office’s entrance with the Access app

Employees clock in/out by scanning a QR code from their mobile device.

  • Avoid employees clocking in/out from another location other than the office.
  • Employees are greeted with a welcome screen to confirm their access.
access app time tracking
time tracking permissions

Configure time tracking permissions

Create custom group permissions to set how to manage your employees' working hours. 

  • Create a role for team managers to review and approve employees' timesheets.
  • Select which employees can fill their shifts manually.

Sign and confirm employees' timesheets

Make your employees sign their timesheets to confirm their working hours legally. 

  • Protect your company from absenteeism.
  • Fulfill any time tracking law from your country. 
  • Sign documents 100% legal. 
timesheet legal signature
factorial time tracking mobile app

Mobile Application Time Tracking

Allow your employees to clock in/out from their mobile app.

  • Geolocation system. Track if your employees clock in/out from outside the office.
  • Clock in/out with a QR code through the entrance app.
  • Worked hours automatically sync with each employee’s portal.
  • Review all your employees’ timesheets and shifts from the web platform.

All the data you need for time and attendance

Create custom reports and track your company's working hours to make better decisions about your team. 

  • Download weekly and monthly summaries of your employees' time tracking. 
  • Check at a glance which employees are not fulfilling their working hours.
time tracking working hours report

Fulfill time tracking's Spanish law

Since the 12th of May 2019, companies must reflect on the working hours of their employees. In this sense, Factorial helps you to fulfill the law, so you don't worry about anything.

  • Download employees' timesheets and get your company covered.
  • Manage employees' extra hours easily.

Clock in/out directly from Slack

If you use Slack as your company's communication tool, you can allow your employees to clock in/out directly from there. 

  • You don't have to sign in daily into Factorial to clock in/out. You can do it directly from Slack!
  • An easy way to manage your working hours.
time tracking slack integration