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Easy payslip creation

  • Factorial Payroll generates the employees payrolls with their profile information. 
  • The data is always updated.
  • Review and validation from the same table with all the necessary information.
  • Payroll notifications are automatic but private and secure.

SEPA files

  • You can select the payroll you want to include in the SEPA file.
  • It generates the SEPA file automatically.
  • Download the SEPA file and upload it to your bank.
  • Control the payrolls included in each SEPA and the related payments.

Benefits management

  • The flexible compensation plan will be stored in the employee profile.
  • The payroll is synchronized with the employee's flexible compensation plan.
  • If there is any change in the current payroll in comparision to the last payroll, you will see it easily prior to validate.
  • In the validation screen you can make the necessary modifications without having to return to the profile of the employee.

Automatic update of incidences

  • Factorial Payroll is synchronized with the time off manager.
  • Any changes on the employees contracts or agreements will be automatically updated on their payrolls.
  • The software will also send a notice to the public administrations each time as necessary.

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