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Human Resources Reports and Analytics

Make better decisions based on real data about your workforce and your business.

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Over 60,000 companies have already used our human resources software

Generate custom reports

Use any data of your Factorial account to create reports.

  • Different visualization formats.
  • Gallery with predefined reports.
  • Share and download your reports in several formats.

HR Reports and Analytics Panel

A unique and customizable space to manage all your reports.

  • Completely customizable dashboard.
  • All your company data up to date with one click.

Organizational Chart

Factorial will generate automatically your company’s org chart depending on each employee manager.

  • Visual and intuitive org chart.
  • Company and department structure.
  • Visualization by team or department.

Track your employees' time-off data

Create any reports you need to manage your company's time-off.

  • Group your data by team or office to make the right decisions.
  • Track past and incoming time-off. 
  • Get annual and monthly summaries of your employees' time-off.

Manage your company's time and attendance data

Create custom reports about your company's time tracking and make better decisions.

  • Get weekly and monthly summaries of your employees' time and attendance.
  • Track which employees have pending hours.

Our commitment to your safety

In Factorial we are very aware of how important security is for each company that trusts us. That's why your data will always be protected thanks to a powerful encryption system and single access for each user.

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