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why offering benefits

Why offering benefits?

Almost 20% of the employees are not engaged with the company, which means a 34% of loss for the company. Offering benefits and flexible compensation plans makes employees feel more motivated and reduces the rates of absenteeism and turnover of staff in the company. Improve your employer branding and become a reference in the people's management with a cost up from 0 € for your company

Why with Factorial?

By being able to negotiate group benefits, suppliers offer us lower prices, some even, without cost to the company or need to approve a budget and that you can activate with a single click.

difference flexible compensation benefits

What is the difference between benefit and flexible compensation?

Flexible compensation allows employees to set up their personalized salary by contracting IRPF exempt products. Services such as medical insurance or childcare checks can be deducted from their payroll and have interesting tax savings. Benefits are offered by the company to one or more employees and usually at no cost for them. Both are used to optimize workers compensation and offer more competitive salaries without increasing costs in the company.

How much money does a disengaged team mean to your company?

In a company of about 50 employees, 10 people are unmotivated and their level of commitment is decreasing. Taking into account an average salary of € 1,600 each month the company loses € 5,440. More than € 65,000 per year. A really high amount that comes accompanied by collateral damages like; Worsening of the work climate or employees turnover. Start offering benefits and flexible compensation plans and reverse this trend within your company.

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