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Benefits perform better than any other rewards

Many studies conclude that employees who receive benefits have a higher company appreciation than companies that offer only salary increases in money. Factorial provides a unique benefit marketplace with four modules:

  • Benefits: the company buys these benefits for the employee as a compensation to increase their salary.
  • 50/50: the company pays a part of the benefit and the employee is able to contract great valuable product for a reduced price.
  • Flexible compensation: employees can custom their salaries hiring products with interesting tax savings.
  • Factorial offers: special collective discount offers seen by all employees in the marketplace which are contracted B2C.

Why companies prefer to contract benefits through Factorial?

We have weekly contact with with HR, Finance and administration departments of our company users; to help them managing the platform and advice them on their benefit compensation strategy to retain their employees.

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why companies contract benefits

Companies contract benefits with us because:

  • They receive value with our free to use platform.
  • Our personal relationship that we have.
  • All benefits are managed in one place and have a focus on retention and employee happiness, all in one invoice.
  • HR and employee compensation is managed in one platform.
  • Companies and employees receive collective discounts (that normally only multinationals receive).

Want to join Factorial's provider network?

Do you think that your company provides a great product or service that will improve the compensation of employees and increase their happiness & retention; then contact us in the form below.