Save time and money with Factorial Payroll

  • Automate contract and payroll management inside your company.
  • Optimize contracts and payslips generation.
  • Streamline benefits management and public administration notices.
  • Access all information at any time wherever you are.
  • Automatic updates meeting the highest security protocols.

Payroll software

Create, manage, update and send payslips to your employees.
Invite your staff, create their contracts and the software will calculate everything and inform the administrations about any changes, registers and discharges automatically.

Contracts creator

When your employees join Factorial Payroll all the information on their contract is stored in their online profile. Our data base will synchronize and apply the necessary conditions before creating the contract for each employee automatically.

Optimize your management tasks

Manage all actions with effect on employee compensation from within the software and Factorial Payroll will inform the Public Administration. Medical leaves, maternity leave, benefit management and all kinds of tasks that usually take hours now are done and finished in just a few minutes.

For all companies

With one of the most competitive prices in the market you will have access to the online payroll software and human resources software for just 7€/month per employee.
Payslips and contracts management available to everyone, not just the bigger companies.  

Accessible and always updated

Thanks to the cloud storage you'll be able to access from anywhere whenever you want without downloading or installing anything. Change your employees information and compensation in just a few seconds and everything will update accordingly and inform the people involved and the administration automatically.

Secure and private

Security is very important to us and our software meets the higher security standards. Only people with the proper authorization can access employee information, contracts and payslips.

Improve your company's payroll management

-Save time and money automating your payroll processes.

-Optimize contract and payslips generation, employee benefits management and public administrations notices. Our payroll software takes care of everything.