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Your labor consultant, but better

In Factorial we understand that labor affairs are fundamental for a good flow in your company. That's why we have the best team of experts ready to offer top-notch guidance like no other in Murcia. 

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Social Security

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  • Monthly preparation of salary sheets.
  • Implementation of variables, complements, incentives and bonuses.
  • Late settlements for revisions with agreements.
  • Fixing retentions depending on the retribution and fiscal normative.
  • Preparation of settlements and severance payments.
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Meet your consultants

carmen asesora factorial
Carmen Parra

Consulting Team Lead

allende asesora factorial
Allende Azcárate

Labor Lawyer

carlos asesoria factorial
Carlos De La Fuente

Payroll Specialist

vicente asesoria factorial
Vicente Márquez

Payroll Specialist

laura success factorial
Laura García

Factorial Consultant

isabel asesoria factorial
Isabel Font

Factorial Consultant

lucie asesoria factorial
Lucie Lavina

Factorial Consultant

factorial software
Factorial HR

Powerful HR Software

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