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More than your average consultant in Barcelona

We've managed to fusion the human side of consulting with the latest technology in startups, revolutionizing the processes like no other place in Barcelona. Oh, did we mention it even includes a powerful HR software?

Get to know the power of our software

  • Payrolls and contracts organized automatically by workers. 
  • Vacations, sick leaves, and downtimes. 
  • Document manager.
  • Employee profile.
  • Company organizational chart.
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Less stress
Automize your processes
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Discover our services:

seguridad social asesoria barcelona

Social Security without the hassle

This is much more than just registries and sick leaves. There's a lot of processes that you have to go through during the information exchange, this could result in inefficiency and even mistakes in the long run. 

Payrolls no more

Do you feel like you're wasting an incredible amount of time doing payrolls? Optimize your company's payment process so you can focus on bigger and better goals.From creating your monthly salary grid to settlements and severances, automize and keep every step in-house while getting top-notch guidance. 

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contracts consulting barcelona

Contracts from A to Z

Sometimes contracts can be a real pain in the neck. Outline, modify and create contracts as you would with your consultant in Barcelona, but latest technology. Even better, you can edit and work with any contract in the cloud depending on your needs, all while notifying the employee about the updates. 

Meet your consultants

carmen asesora factorial
Carmen Parra

Consulting Team Lead

allende asesora factorial
Allende Azcárate

Labor Lawyer

carlos asesoria factorial
Carlos De La Fuente

Payroll Specialist

vicente asesoria factorial
Vicente Márquez

Payroll Specialist

You can trust you will get professional and warm guidance using the best tools in human resources. 

laura success factorial
Laura García

Factorial Consultant

isabel asesoria factorial
Isabel Font

Factorial Consultant

lucie asesoria factorial
Lucie Lavina

Factorial Consultant

factorial software
Factorial HR

Powerful HR Software

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Don't worry, for sure we do what you're looking for:

seguridad social asesoria barcelona

Social Security

  • Affiliation, additions, and deletions of workers, and data variation.
  • Preparation and process of monthly Social Security contribution bulletins (RTN and RLC).
  • Study of the correct framing of partners, administrators and family members linked to the company.
  • Processing of medical discharge, confirmation, and discharge (ILT), work parties, as well as specific situations (maternity, paternity, permanent disability, early retirement ...).


  • Preparation and drafting of contracts according to the characteristics of the position to be filled, the needs of the company, the personal circumstances of the worker, the type of contracts available and the existing bonuses.
  • Modification of work contracts.
  • Notification and registration of contracts in the Labor Offices (OTG).
contracts consulting barcelona
nominas barcelona


  • Monthly preparation of salary sheets.
  • Implementation of variables, complements, incentives and bonuses.
  • Late settlements for revisions with agreements.
  • Fixing retentions depending on the retribution and fiscal normative.
  • Preparation of settlements and severance payments.