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Automate the HR department
of your company

Invest your time on what matters most, the employees. Our human resources software does the heavy work for you.

100% Free HR Software
Human resources software
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The only software that integrates human resources, payroll management and employee benefits.

  • Factorial HR

    100% free HR program. Holidays, withdrawals, documents, org chart... all in one place.

  • Factorial Payroll

    Sync the HR software with Factorial Payroll and generate payslips automatically.

  • Factorial Benefits

    Automated flexible compensation plans at no cost for your company.

Human resources software

Everything under control on the same platform. 100% free and unlimited employees.

  • Time off and sick leaves

    Efficiently manage holidays, absences and sick leaves with Factorial. The calendar is updated automatically.

  • Documents and contracts

    Store all the documentation of the employees in a safe place and comply with the GDPR.

human resources software
payroll software

Payroll software

The payroll software reads all the incidents of the month and generates payslips automatically. Easy and without mistakes.

  • Payslips generator

    Payroll are calculated automatically, so you just have to take care of reviewing them or give access to your consultant.

  • Contracts generator

    Create new contracts in Factorial and our software will communicate them to the administration.

Automated flexible compensation

Launch a customized flexible compensation plan for your company in seconds, Factorial will take care of everything.

  • The best for your team with the flexible compensation

    The best offer in health insurance, gym for employees, food, transportation, and childcare tickets without cost for the company.

  • 100% automated

    Communicate the flexible compensation plan to the employees with a single click, we have automated everything.

payroll software

Happy Customers

All these companies already use Factorial for their HR management

Roger Dobaño, Founder and CEO @Quipu
“Factorial lets me take care of my employees with tools that were only accessible for big companies, and it's free!”
Roger Dobaño, Founder and CEO @Quipu
Pablo, CFO and Co-Founder @Badi App
“Factorial is important to me, because in a single tool I can control the flows of time off and salaries.”
Pablo, CFO and Co-Founder @Badi App
Sergi Benet Co-Founder and CEO @Meller
“As Meller's CEO I can take care of my employees easily and supervise everything that happens on the company using Factorial.”
Sergi Benet Co-Founder and CEO @Meller
Avi Meir Co-Founder and CEO @TravelPerk
“Flexible compensation plans are always a good choice for retaining talent. It’s great to know that Factorial work hard for bringing benefits to SMEs.”
Avi Meir Co-Founder and CEO @TravelPerk
Sandra Fernández @Holaluz
“We have been looking for an HR software for a long time. Now we have all the important information on the same place, and Factorial takes care that everything is up to date.”
Sandra Fernández @Holaluz
Oscar Ollé @Ulabox
“Factorial allows me to automate tasks that do not add value to the team and gives me time to make employees happier.”
Oscar Ollé @Ulabox